Patriotic Flags

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Patriotic Flags and Pennants

Colorful string pennant flags (also known as string flags or pennant strings) are catchy ways of striking attention at the very first look. Blowing in the wind, colors shining bright in the midst of sunlight and creating an instant “look at me” moment.

They create views worth watching. Fulfilling your needs of advertising, grand openings, birthday parties, sports events, restricted access areas, and as backstroke flags, pennant strings are superbly of multi use. String pennant flags are available in various colors so that you can match up the colors you need with your event. If your choice color combinations and designs are not available then nothing to worry about, we are there always. You only need to give us a call or use our handy custom order request for the colors you require.

Browse our website to see our complete line of string and single pennants and also have a look at our American Flag themed string pennant flags or better called patriotic string pennantsPatriotic strings are amazing ways of giving respect to our brave fighters securing us. The most common decorative use for string flags or string pennants can be seen on car lots, generally to catch attention and highlight specific segments of the lot. Pennant flags or string flags are sometimes used as part of room designs to decorate and create a streamer-type banner effect. Choose from our Pennants available in various shapes, generally triangular and rectangular, to display awards, celebratory messages, team spirit, and serve basic decorative purposes.