Patriotic Pennants

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Patriotic Pennant Strings – Street Flag

We have several types and ranges of Pennant Streamers and Pennant Strings that can be in different sizes, shapes, colors as per your need of the event. Our products will be ideal for decorating your Buildings, parking lots, and open space either indoors or outdoors for any sort of Party or event. Our wide range of Pennant Strings will definitely lighten up your event by adding lively colors to make it a memorable one. One can also request to have custom Pennant Strings by changing the shape of Pennant Strings and also if needed to add your emblems, logos, symbols, slogans, etc. on either one side or both sides.

The quality of the plastic used for making the Pennant Strings can be as per your requirements it can of plastic that either weighs light, medium or heavy. It is advisable to have heavy plastic to be used in case of outdoors where the weather can be windy. Your Orders can be placed in small or large quantities. Patriotic Pennant strings are also available in the combination of colors of the American National Flag and the Flag imprinted on the Pennant strings.